Adenium in Warm Tropical Places

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First the seeds have to actually get here first. So, Ms. Rolling Eyeballs from far away bought seeds from Taiwan from a Mr. Hu (Wu? Du? Su?). Someone. Then sent them via snail mail tucked inside a book about the Papal Conclave. It must have heard that there's a new pope because there's still no sign of it up to now. That or the post office strikes again. But don't get me started on that.

In the meantime, check out the Adenium I bought from the Plant Lady back in December:

In the tropics, no special equipment is needed, that is if you bought it from the Plant Lady. Just repot and off it goes! I watered every other day when it was cold and now that it's summer, the plant gets watered everyday. I pruned once because that supposedly increases branching. However that hasn't happened. the branch I cut off just regrew its leaves but not another branch. Oh well.

And oh, it likes full sun. And when I say full sun I don't mean that northeast window thing. I mean full, bad ass, 12-hour sun.

Today it looks like this: No new flowers yet :(.

More later.

Ok it's later. April 2,2013 to be exact. The seeds finally arrived and I planted them March 26. Actually, I kinda did speed reading of Rolling Eyeballs' post on germinating Adenium seeds and ended up totally missing the instruction to soak the seeds BEFORE you plant them. So I had to dig them up and soak them. This was 10:00 PM already and the seeds can only be soaked for a maximum of 4 hours. I couldn't not soak them because they were already wet. I don't think they will like being dry, then wet, then dry again. Aaach. So I set my alarm for 2 the following effing morning.  So there I was sowing seeds at 2 in the morning. Who knew I had it in me?

I put the little pots beside my Drosera which is under full sun to make them red. I have a sneaky feeling I might have roasted the seeds because it's Day 8 and there are no signs of seedlings yet. It's hot as hell hereabouts and methinks they do not appreciate that at this stage of their lives. But I will not declare defeat as of yet and will wait longer.

In the meantime I bought more seeds from Mr. Ko. Revenge buy as Rolling Eyeballs puts it.

Update April 7. 

The seeds didn't sprout :(. Seeds from Mr. Ko are now making their way here from Taiwan. 

Update April 14.

Still no signs of the seeds. I did however buy another Adenium plant from the Plant Lady. I tried hand pollinating the flowers so we'll see how that goes. I know there were pollen because I sneezed mid pollination. Or maybe that was the cat. 

A more detailed account of my growing experience is in this link

Adenium Flowering in the Tropics

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