Adenium in Cold Places

Adeniums are tropical plants, they will die in the snow. 

Having said that, it is possible to grow these plants in temperate areas of the planet without too much hassle. This is a rough guide on how to do this in a fairly simple, sometimes even ruthless way. 

Before you proceed you should know that we do not believe in colored thumbs or whatever magical appendage people accuse us of having whenever a plant succeeds. Plant cultivation is a science, there is no woo-woo--whether the information comes to us through laboratory research or thousands of years of field experimentation by our ancestors. Best of all, we do not need to dig up and reanimate our great-great-great-great-great grandparents to ask how they managed to overwinter their succulent plants in Zone 5. We can google everything!

Here, at least, is one such internet crevice with the following information that will hopefully help your plant survive in this frigid clime. 

Sowing Adenium Seeds
Damping Off
Caring for Adenium Seedlings
Transplating Adenium Seedlings
Seedlings: To Prune or Not to Prune?
Adenium Yearlings
Adventures with Gritty Mix
Caring for Adult Adeniums
Adult Adeniums in Gritty Mix
Gritty Mix and Transplant Shock
First Aid: What to do with store-bought Adeniums
Winter Preparation and Pest Management
Winter Death
Grafting Adenium Plants
Conjoining Adeniums (NEW!)

What things look like (New!)

Links to future posts will be added to this list, keep checking. If you have questions, use the contact thingie on the homepage or use the comment section below.

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