22 July 2018

White Egret Orchid

After a gazillion attempts at keeping orchids alive, one of these fuckers just have to survive long enough to bloom. Habenaria radiata

I grow this one in semi-hydro, using something called kanuma which, I am told, is an acidic, naturally-weathered clay material. It's a very delicate plant, in that I discovered it can not survive the whipping winds on the deck where I had it growing in full sun and heat.

So, right now it is propped up by three lava rocks inside my plant shelter where it bloomed. So, out came the tripod, camera and extension tubes (the blooms are only about a couple of centimeters big). I'll at least get a few shots in before the plant starts vacillating between being alive, dormant or dead.

There is a second corm in the pot but that one was completely mowed down by the wind and the growth eventually withered. That one might have to be dug up sooner than later. 

If this batch dies, though, I'll definitely try it again. Those flowers are definitely worth the effort of getting it right eventually.

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