30 July 2018

Adromischus: If You Ignore Them, They Will Thrive

Adromischus marianae "Little Crusty Sphaeroid"
These little slowpokes are opportunists. They'll remain active if you can keep them between 16C and 35C. Most adromischus need adequate light to stay compact, though--dappled sun or under a thin shade cloth. Their roots are thin and hair-like but dense and vigorous enough to be able to colonize a small pot of very porous material (in this case, pure pumice).

Now, everything I said above is true for established plants. If you are getting them for the first time, you have to be careful transitioning them to the way you grow things. Water them generously the first time you pot them, then forget about them for a while, until you see new growth. After that, you're mostly home free as long as you keep them within the temp range mentioned above.

A marianiae "Little Sphaeroid Red"

Adromischus cristatus

Adromischus marianiae "Bryan Makin"

Adromischus umbraticola ssp. ramosus
Adromischus marianae f. alveolatus, commonly know as "Lime Drops"

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