30 March 2018

Tylecodon reticulatus, for those who might find this experience useful

One day, you're an idiot and you spend too much on a dumbass plant. Two days later, it starts oozing.
When your plant does this, you don't panic, you don't think. You just go in there, dig it out and start hacking it to pieces. Don't even bother thinking it over.

Get in there with a sharp knife and cut off the obviously decomposing parts until healthy tissue is exposed. By "healthy", in this case, it means no discolouration.
Nope, not enough, cut an inch more off of that trunk.
...what was left after cutting off the nasty bits:
T. reticulatus are winter growers. But since they had to be unpotted going into their growing season, the exposed cuts were dipped in sulfur powder and then left out to dry somewhere cool and dry until spring.
...spring, summer and autumn, 2017.
The piece on the right did not even survive long enough to reach mid-summer. The remaining two were potted up in early autumn--pure pumice in wide, shallow pots. Throughout this winter, both of the surviving pieces had to be repotted several times because I couldn't help but check their progress or the lack thereof. 

Both pieces would have survived the winter out of the pot but would not have had enough stored energy to survive the summer. They needed to be potted up this growing season. far so good...ish.

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