21 December 2014

Repotting Adenium in the Tropics

My baby Adeniums are about 1 year old and most are still in their cribs. I.e. the nursery pots I put them in after the 2nd repotting when they were about 6 months old. I recently repotted several again broadcast live to Rolling Eyeballs even. 

Someone gave me ceramic containers for Christmas so what the heck. After drilling a hole in them, I repotted my favorite specimen. It's a favorite because of its very interesting caudex. 

Next week I will prune so the plant will make more branches. But that's for another post.

I mixed up my medium which is basically just ordinary potting soil and pumice. I then depotted the plant and saw nice. healthy roots. A lot came off when I was removing the old soil from the roots but that won't hurt them. I also removed some on purpose which in hindsight I shouldn't have because when you lift the plant up when repotting, those exposed roots actually add interest to it. Fortunately, I have other babies to experiment with. Hmm... that didn't come out right....

The pot is shallow because I want the roots to spread out. After maybe 6 months I'll repot again and raise it again exposing more of the roots. That's the plan.

Some leaf damaged from night-time visitors (green squishy caterpillars)

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