23 November 2014

Adenium in the tropics and in bloom

The adeniums are in full bloom (after I, ehem, over fertilized them).One has even sprouted fruits! Which is not to say people should go to town with the fertilizer. I did not intend to over fertilize of course. It was a case of too much fertilizing and not enough thinking. I hadn't fed them in a long time and was feeling guilty.

The plants are about a year and a half. In full sun of course. Amazing how that one got pollinated since it's on the second floor deck. Haven't bumped into any insects up here.
They would be needing repotting soon. Some are still in those plastic seedling thingies. Another thing to feel guilty about.

Oh and some of them have fuzzy leaves! Which I've never seen before. They feel like velvet. As to why I'm going around carressing my plants' leaves...well...only a plant person would understand.

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