17 February 2018

Today's Photo Dump

It isn't always a teachable moment. Sometimes, you have to just stare at the shit and say, "Well, wow."
Titanopsis primosi colors up nicely. Keep it very cool but well and evenly lit. This one is under T5HO.

The coloration becomes even more dramatic when you put plants under blurple LEDs. My other T. primosi, for example, is even more showy and getting ready to bloom.
One of my terrifying plants, Hoya davidcummingi. It is a tropical hoya native to the Philippines. It isn't dead and is even blooming so...whew. Grow it in semi-hydro if you have one that is problematic.
Adromiscus cristatus, a restart from a much bigger BBS specimen.
This is an accidental community pot. Arid Lands sent me the Adromischus umbraticola ssp ramosus with nearly invisible Anacampseros seedlings stuck to the roots. Susan later identified the seedlings as possibly A. subnuda
Avonia quinaria ssp alstonii Not as slow as I thought, doubling in size over a two-year period.
Seeds! Once again, hand pollinated using a cat whisker.
Ihlenfeldtia vanzylii. Say that three times as fast as you can. The damage on this one is from neem oil spray. I forgot to keep it shaded after the spider mites were all dead.
Adromischus marianniae Little Sphaeroid, red
Adromischus marianniae, Bryan Makin. I just got this one after almost three years hunting it down.
Anacampseros filamentosa ssp tomentosa seedlings. These tiny things are great! You can forget them and they don't die.
Titanopsis calcarea, Ghams, under T5HO
Adromischus marianiae Little Crusty Sphaeroid
Trichodiadema sp. aff. hallii AL
Stomatium suaveolens. This is a summer grower but it will stay active in winter if kept above 16C during the day.
Kalanchoe tomentosa.I've given up trying to find out how much stress this plant can take. I've accidentally kept it out of the pot inside a cabinet on a hot outdoor deck for an entire summer---it didn't notice. It's growing in pure gravel right now, it doesn't give a shit either.
Titanopsis calcarea (Poortje)
Crassula columella

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