30 March 2017

Photo Dump #1: Spring Blooms 2017 (New April Update!)

Starting this year, we're going start an eye-candy series. We're big on photography, as you may have noticed. And we have some weird shit. So an occasional photo-dump is a no-brainer. Right! For this spring....
Euphorbia susannae
Echeveria purpusorum
Knitty Kitty's Huernia zebrina in the tropics
....and as it opened.
Euphorbia globosa
Neohenricia sibbettii
Neohenricia sibbettii, up close.
Trichodiadema bulbosum
Both of my Dorstenia lavranis have finally bloomed. It's a boy!
Dorstenia lavrani: and a girl!
Stomatium niveum, blooms open late after sundown, with a nice, gentle scent.
There's always one adenium that decides to bloom in the basement before they are released for the summer.
Pachypodium brevicaule


  1. Outrageous plants! I am Melissa posting as anonymous. Very much enjoying your blog! Here's my defunct blog. I'm firing it up again in a month or so, I have a new gig, coloring books for grown ups. Just getting started---

    1. Thanks. If you have plants, you really have to have a magnifying glass to get in there and look at stuff.

  2. Nice photos! I'd like to see the huernia bloom :D do you use a macro lens?

    1. Thanks. In this instance, just the d60 kit kens with extension tubes. Cheaper than getting a macro lens and I don't worry about compatibility since I shoot on manual mode anyway. For really small things like the D. lavrani flower (only about 2 mm across), I have to do some focus stacking to increase depth of field.

      And the huernia photo was taken by my nephew.