19 September 2015

Autumn Portraits

Sedum hernandezii
The diadems of Trichodiadema bulbosum.
Conophytum subglobosum seedlings
Pelargonium appendiculatum waking up after summer
Adenium obesum x crispum seedling in bloom
Lithops finally doing something
These flowers open in late afternoon to early evening and bees love them.
Sarcocaulon (Monsonia) herrei; the new star on the bench. It was supposed to have been discarded in spring, having dried out in winter. It fell behind the plant bench where it stayed all summer, exposed under full sun. An extreme winter-growing xerophyte, it didn't really care. Here it is now, but back into a pot, with fresh autumn growth.
Faucaria tuberculosa cv "Sato", another autumn bloomer.
In autumn, haworthias come to life after spending a semi-comatose summer.
Haworthia silviae
Haworthia emelyiae var emelyiae
Adromischus cristatus
Haworthia cooperi var dielsiana

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