15 April 2015

Spring Across Two Continents (Updated!)

There really is no such thing as spring in Zone 14, but Knitty Kitty's expat succulents do not know about that. On the other side of the planet in Zone 7, spring finally showed up.
"Spring" in the tropics is that time of year when the days slowly return to the usual 12 hours. The difference is not as drastic farther north or south of the equator, but enough for plants to notice. So a lot of them start blooming.
Kalanchoe luciae
Euphorbia flanaganii

Meanwhile, in the other continent....
Spring. Sure. Whatever.(April 5)
Aeonium gladulosum, forming a cup.
Euphorbia gorgonis, just moved.
Up close, E. gorgonis flower
Unknown sedum, rescued and plucked out of a fallen wall in a demolition site.
A former plant, coming out of winter dormancy only to be smothered by cuteness.

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