24 October 2014

Views From Nearby Pots

Plants, it turns out, are quite varied. There are, it keeps turning out, about 297,326 accepted species and quite possibly up to 400,000 thousand in total. That's more than you can coherently use in your salad. About 34 thousand species out of 60,000 that have been painstakingly evaluated, are threatened with extinction.

This is just gallery of random plants that have thus far survived.
Aloinopsis schooneesii: she's a tricky little imp, but so far worth the bother. Mealy bugs love it. Just get them drunk on rubbing alcohol, sprayed regularly every other day over a period of a week or two. Do not expose to light while wet.
Dendrobium olygophylum, a tiny orchid with flowers that smell like vanilla and jasmine, thankfully not sneeze-inducing. Because of the amount of humidity it demands, it is kept in a glass vase even with the humidifier running.

Neochilenia occulta (EN)

A plant you can indefinitely ignore.
The flower lasts for days, probably even weeks--no one was keeping track
At some point this came out.
The E. occulta blooms and seeds so easily that you should always, always sow them and give them away. Or harvest the seeds and then give them away. In the wild, they have a very restricted range and populations are declining rapidly because of illegal collection and road construction. The IUCN reported that current population size is less than 1,000 individuals, and the largest subpopulation has around 50 mature individuals. If you want one of these, get it from nurseries that grow them from seeds. 
Philodendrom erubescens
Leaves will lose their glossy look in direct, day-long sun exposure and low humidity. Keep in bright shade, with humidity level at 50 percent and above. And it really does want regular light feeding.
Murraya Paniculata
Magnificent, vibrant plant known as Kamuning. It blooms in impressive clumps of tiny fragrant white flowers
It smells like sampaguita but not really.
Left outdoors, bugs will give you fruits.DO NOT treat the plant with imidacloprid or other neonicotinoids. In the unlikely event that you get infestation, spray with neem oil.Er, yes, those are cat fur.
Crassula "Pagoda Village"
In full bloom, it smells like pee.
Elkhorn Fern
Polypodium grandiceps, commonly known as elkhorn fern. Not a troublesome plant.
Aeonium gladulosum
Spider habitat on Aeonium glandulosum, the best protection against insects.
Summer 2014
Mammilaria vetula
Outdoors in gritty mix, it will do fine completely ignored in full sun during the summer.
This particular clump blooms during the cooler months. No clue if this is normal.

Dorstenia foetida
This is a yearling. Plant care is simple--pretend its a coleus
Parent plant, maxes out at about 5 inches high.
Clearly the best flower in the kingdom

More coming....


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