09 March 2014

In the Tropics.....One Year Later....

Yes, time marches on. Even in the tropics.

Ok I admit it, I've been remiss in my blogging duties. Guilty as charged, now let's move on.

Last year, around March or April, I planted Adenium seedlings. I used plastic containers that came from fastfood takeout. Thoroughly washed of course. When the seeds sprouted, I moved the seedlings to plastic party cups. I used a nail heated using a candle to punch holes in the cups.

I used regular garden soil mixed with perlite. The seedlings were exposed to full tropical sun. Watered every other day or so. I fertilized when I remembered, which wasn't very often. Here's a closer shot: 

After a few months (I know, I know, how precise right?), This is what they looked like. They're not all the same size for some reason.

About two weeks ago while I was watering them, one pot was not lying flat on its base. I thought it was a pebble stuck at the bottom. It turns out it was the tap root trying to bust out!

Time to repot needless to say:

In other news, the Adenium I got from the Plant Lady, had a surprise for me:

So excited! Hope those brats don't mess with them. I guess these guys had something to do with the visitors that helped fertilize the flowers:

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