12 May 2013

Germination in the Tropics

These were sowed April 21 and look at them now! So it is confirmed. The first batch sowed were baked. This batch was grown under bright light but no direct sun. They had a humidity dome for about two weeks. Nowadays I only cover them at night but only because some bug munched on one leaves of one seedling. It still survived which shows you how tough the little buggers are. 

I have a total of 21 seedlings from about 35 seeds. The cat toppled one tray and I couldn't dig out all the seeds. 

About a week ago I took pictures of the neighborhood adeniums. They are really common here and almost every house has one. 

These seems to be taken care of very well. They are really short but with plenty of nice flowers:

The one below is from the immediate neighbor and planted on the ground.

The one on the left I've seen with absolutely no leaves but is now coming back nicely.

And lastly, this one has actually busted out of its pot. 

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